About FroCo.

FROCO FRESH & FROZEN food company that is disrupting the frozen yogurt world for the better! Offering your favorite drinks to go, frozen yogurt flavors by Dannon family favorite; sugar free, kosher, vegan, low fat, non-fat, seasonal favorites, topping bar with your requested favorites, We also have our famous merchandise "Coba plush & sunglasses". Froco is a simple quick service restaurant that is walk-in and serve yourself. Make FROCO your own!

Our mission statement is "passion + positivity = keep it poppin" The mascot is Coba the popping boba which is the main topping that goes on frozen yogurt in the passion fruit flavor. This is kid friendly and very family oriented establishment. We offer Birthday parties and educational froyo university style classes as well per request. Froco is taking frozen yogurt shops to the next level, our staff is required to wear the provided chef uniform it is fashionable,classy, with our FROCO sunglasses at work as well. Come in and enjoy our holiday events, watch movies, color on the marker board or color sheets!

Keep it popping,

Froco Founder,

Farrah Abraham